Percipient Strategies LLC is a full-service research firm specializing in political intelligence and due diligence. Our experts not only collect and analyze critical information for our clients but distill exceptional insights that have proven to be the winning difference for campaigns, business decisions, and litigation.

Drawing on a successful record consulting for over 100 political, corporate, and non-profit clients since 2016, our team leverages honed insights, client-first service, and in-house tools to deliver actionable insights to stakeholders in any situation, whenever necessary.

Ensuring accountability, responsiveness, and discretion is central to the Percipient ethos – a singular focus on helping our clients succeed.


Elite, battle-tested experts with success in diverse environments form the core of Percipient Strategies. Our experts have been counted on to deliver incisive research that has oftentimes proven the winning difference for our clients at every level of politics, business, and litigation.

Percipient is led by our three partners, who personally spearhead every project, and are assisted by a dedicated team of researchers.

Matthew Alonsozana
Managing Partner
Naji Filali
Tyler Ross
Peter Como
Senior Associate

Matt Alonsozana

Matt Alonsozana guides a cohort of elite political researchers and experts as the co-founder and Managing Partner of Percipient Strategies LLC. Since 2016, Matt has helmed Percipient as it has grown from a nascent research start-up to a nationally recognized provider of political research and public affairs due diligence services. Beyond coordinating Percipient’s overall operations and strategic partnerships, Matt personally oversees each Percipient project – ensuring an attention to detail and client dedication for which the firm has become known.

Matt’s skills have been honed through years working at every level of politics, including several national and statewide campaigns (such as the Republican National Committee), and consulting for Fortune Global 100 companies on due diligence and reputational risk matters. Matt is respected for his ability to analyze copious amounts of information and distilling insights for clients requiring strategic communications plans, competitive intelligence reports, due diligence investigations, and rapid response operations. Matt has been named as a top Asian American political expert in 2015 and 2016.

In tandem with his political exposure, Matt’s career includes experience with start-ups, finance, policy research, and academia. Matt has served on local and statewide advisory boards and commissions for his home state of Maryland, including an appointment to the Maryland Police Training and Standards Commission by Gov. Larry Hogan.

Matt is a 2014 cum laude graduate and Presidential Scholar of Boston College.

Naji Filali

Naji Filali steers an industry-leading public record acquisition team as co-founder and Partner at Percipient Strategies LLC. Naji has developed unrivaled insights into state-specific public information statutes to deliver, analyze, and discern political and reputational salience for Percipient clients from records maintained across thousands of municipal, state, and federal record repositories. Mirroring his national footprint, Naji has also spearheaded the cultivation of business relationships with clients across several dozen states to solidify Percipient’s brand of high-calibur political and public affairs research.

Naji’s research approach at Percipient is informed by prior political experiences including the Republican National Committee, where he spearheaded original investigative research to proactively shape regional and national media narratives during the 2016 cycle. Naji has also adapted instincts borne out of servicing domestic, corporate, and international government accounts at several top Washington public affairs firms.

Naji is a 2014 graduate of Harvard University and 2014-15 Fulbright Program grant recipient.

Tyler Ross

Tyler Ross, a Partner at Percipient Strategies, coordinates the firm’s external communications campaigns and media engagement endeavors. Tyler joined Percipient in 2018 after serving as the Deputy Director of Media Affairs at The White House, where he oversaw regional and local media outreach across the country for the Administration’s strategic communications objectives.

Similar to many of Washington’s stronger communicators, Tyler spent years sharpening his communications skillset in research and intelligence-driven roles. Tyler has worked in positions at The White House, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and Capitol Hill. His previous responsibilities have included​ ​directing the rapid response operations​ ​for Cabinet confirmation hearings​ ​and overseeing state and regional research for the RNC, which drove the Committee’s strategic communications strategy at the local and state levels.

Tyler proudly serves as a communications advisor in a volunteer capacity for the Global War on Terrorism Memorial Foundation.

Tyler is a 2013 graduate of the University of Maryland from which he earned an economics degree and is an avid Terps fan.

Peter Como

Peter Como, a Senior Associate at Percipient Strategies, assists in several of the firm’s research operations, ranging from public records acquisition and examination to issue analysis projects. In his role, Peter has assisted in the filing of several thousand records requests in nearly every U.S. state and in many countries and prepared briefing materials for the firm’s leadership and its political and corporate clients.

Prior to joining Percipient, Peter served as a staff member in the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure under Chairman Bill Shuster and worked in the office of Senator John Thune.

Peter is a 2017 graduate of Gettysburg College from which he earned a political science degree.


Percipient Strategies leverages a unique and determined approach to research. Our team excels in open-source research complemented by a deep understanding of current socio-politico trends, technological advances, and investigatory techniques – resulting in a holistic service offering that delivers breakthrough, actionable insights to political and business clients alike.

Political Research and Campaign Consulting

Archival and Media Content Examination
Holistic Policy Analysis
Intensive Personal and Campaign Vetting
Archival and Media Content Examination
Holistic Policy Analysis

Percipient conducts an exhaustive review of statements, mentions, positions, events, etc. across historical and current publications and channels.

Percipient discerns any relevant policy and issue stances over time and across roles for individuals, groups, and organizations, including in-depth legislative analysis.

Intensive Personal and Campaign Vetting
Deep-Dive Public Record Review

Percipient investigates all potential personal, family, financial, campaign, career, assets, and property sources to identify any potential vulnerabilities.

Deep-Dive Public Record Review
Proprietary Social Media Analysis
Retainer Rapid Response Services

Percipient collects and analyzes difficult to obtain federal, state, and local records along with controversial criminal, civil, and legal records.

Proprietary Social Media Analysis
Retainer Rapid Response Services

Percipient utilizes a proprietary social media search to gather any actionable information across accounts and with specific individuals.

Percipient responds quickly to events and changes in the media landscape with on-demand briefings, post verification, vetting, and preparation.

Vetting and Due Diligence

Mass Vetting Services
Reputational Due Diligence
Organizational and Business Investigations

Percipient offers a condensed version of its political research skillset to help clients across industry sectors identify potential matters of consideration for large groups ranging from several dozen to several hundred entities.

Percipient conducts a holistic review of entities (inclusive of news, financial, and public records) to help clients perform reputational due diligence and compliance ahead of sensitive decisions and potential partnerships.

Percipient engages in thorough analysis of organizations and businesses to help identify any reputational, operational, and financial considerations from open-source information in order to assist clients with strategic considerations.

Issue Management

Policy Research
Industry Research

Percipient produces in-depth analyses of policy issues in a clear, concise, and cogent manner that not only works to build support for client positions but also highlights additional matters for consideration such as preexisting public perception, weaknesses in opposing arguments, and vetting of subject matter experts.

Percipient assists in the development of business strategy by helping research industry-specific information (such as government datasets) and conducting competitor analyses.

Percipient is also able to offer creative solutions utilizing technological tools such as data mining and analytics and public sentiment analysis.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about Percipient’s service offerings and other applications of our core skillset.


In the 2020 election cycle alone, Percipient Strategies produced:
  • +25,000 pages of original research
  • +3,000 public records requests
  • +$50 million in earned media coverage from research-derived content
Thus, our team helped deliver over 75 wins across 28 states from 2019–2020 as a result of our political research operations including:
  • Greg Gianforte, Governor (MT)
  • Stephen Richer, Recorder (Maricopa county, AZ)
  • Ron Wright, U.S. House of Representatives (TX-06)
  • Ronny Jackson, U.S. House of Representatives (TX-13)
  • Victoria Spartz, U.S. House of Representatives (IN-05)
  • Indiana Legislature (11 Wins)
  • Ohio Legislature (25 Wins)
  • North Carolina Legislature (7 Wins)
  • Wisconsin Legislature (4 Wins)

In 2020, Percipient was named a joint Reed Award winner for “Best Use of Opposition Research.

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